Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

The Art of Translation


Translating New Age concepts and pursuits into the Language of Living Masters begins with a sense of what is spoken into existence. Each word, each phrase, each sentimental prayer breathes life into belief and this belief colours the world like so much magic lifting the fog from your truth.

As your truth is revealed and your experience discovered, a glossary of terms defines you. From this place, you know yourself as either a dutiful philosopher of life’s struggles and rewards (New Age) or an identity ceded to know who you are in this moment (Living Master).

Whether you are a naive and willing subject of a greater plan for both your life and the planet (New Age) or the point of Oneness focused on “how is this serving me?” no matter what (Living Master), the words stain your map of the world with labels that guide each step.

For the New Age proponent, each street is paved with the ink that unfolds ahead pregnant with the promise of life-changing thoughts. This is the world where thoughts and action are one.

For the Living Master, there is nothing outside of this moment. As the point of Oneness, as an expression of All That Is, life is happening for you. Every sensation, idea or interaction is a conversation with the universe urging you to be present as a gift with an important job.

The New Age asks you to align to your most powerful self, the soul awakened purity of “I AM” as a means to be in the vortex with a compassionate frequency of love, prosperity and health.

A Living Master knows all things as sacred and listens only for their part in each moment without the need for blame, shame or control. There is no journey, no need to move toward or clear; no desire for enlightenment or an end to suffering as all things are, in this moment, an embodied conversation with the All That Is.

Neither of these are superior ways of being, for whatever your experience, life is happening for you. You are served by whatever belief and perspective you hold (otherwise it would have stopped being true), so where do you have to stand to know that you are the wisest person in the universe?

I will stand with you as you figure out how to accept yourself as a gift. I cannot teach or heal. That is in the world of exchange where you are less than perfect, where you are broken or unfinished. As a Living Master, you have everything you need and you are here for a reason.

This is a place to know how to feel loved (i) to know it is safe to explore the world and who you are, (ii) to know that you are worthwhile, and (iii) to see your existence as meaningful. All of this without needing to blame, change, improve, fix or ascend beyond the wisdom of this moment.

Published by Melanie

I am. I trust that we are all perfect for our purpose. That means I feel-see all the messages that form the visible part of this moment as sacred and so speak into how we can read life as already one; asked to pen the version of the story that honours us all equally. As Deva Avatar, it's my job to remain present as you hold yourself to your beliefs in an exploration of life according to your truth. It's my job to demonstrate the possibility of a world with no polarities, no duality, and no judgement. A world where we live in fascination as children of the universe, configurations of Oneness.