Love & Tragedy in Harmony

My first true love happened when I was a student at Shaw University in Raleigh NC and I must say it was a wonderful experience. She was a freshman, and she was so beautiful with caramel skin and soft dark eyes. She had a sweet slim frame and curves of a finely chiseled piece of clay. Everybody knew her government name, but, eventually they knew her by the name I affectionately called her by, “Blue”.

Blue and I shared some really wonderful moments and I can’t even write this without smiling as I think about some of the times we spent together.

We would walk through downtown Raleigh holding hands talking and laughing like we were kids. I remember spending my laundry money on a hotel room so that we could have some private time together to share some romance and be intimate.

Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

Writing changes but experience remains the same

It’s funny, isn’t it? The way we were, the way we are, and all the things in between.

While I was re-arranging the bar area to make room for my husband’s tech stuff, I came across a folder entitled, ‘Cycles and Self-Care’.

2010 Cycles and Self-Care PDF

It has notes from 2010 I made about what to do, what I need, and all that jazz. Which is interesting in and of itself but the thing that came to me reading what was written was not whether the information is still relevant but rather how the way I wrote then is different from the way I write now and yet the way I feel-think-experience is the same.

How can we say something so differently and experience the same meaning?

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

Dreamscape revelations – dark and light in oneness


Last night Doreen Virtue came to stay in my apartment whilst on tour with her lackey-protector (a largely invisible presence, unspoken and un-needing). She stayed in my lounge where I chose to leave her undisturbed.

At some point, I responded to her need as a guest and we performed some ‘ritual’ healing when she noticed something about me, about my spiritual power.

As I focused – eyes closing body buzzing – streamers of squiggly blue and purple light leapt from me toward the ceiling. I’m uncertain if they ‘left’ exactly, but I do know they were Archangel Michael and St. Germaine.

Doreen asked me to speak into the meaning of what had occurred, prompting me with some assurance like light is available when darkness leaves. I immediately clarified, “light and dark don’t mean what they mean to you in my world.” She told me not to qualify my words, my message, my “truth”; just to answer the question.

So how did/does light make room for darkness and vice versa?

Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

Decoding the Dream

In a dream, the characters are often understood to represent aspects of experience – fear, intelligence, change, lovers, betrayal, even death. Why is it so hard to imagine that in waking there is also a code?

When decoding a dream, one cannot simply rely on archetypal translation. Depending upon who or what the dream portrayed we must recognise our own sensation or cognition in order to find meaning. It is often a deeply personal process that allows many pre-conceptions to surface.

And just as one person’s ‘mother figure’ can be another’s ‘post office’, our ability to see what is, is its own process with its own purpose.

The only difference decoding waking life is that we have decided everything is separate. Instead of being images to decode and sensations for self-awareness, our idea of what’s going on has developed a convoluted spectre of awareness that allows us to travel into different worlds.

Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

Human nature – flawed or effortless?

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help material lately, as you do, and every time I come across this idea that we are innately flawed simply because we are human, something inside me screams “NO!”

I read an article on Gil Alan’s site that begins, “It isn’t easy being human. We have chosen to be where others dare not go. To be human is to be flawed. It is the very nature of our existence.” The first thing to note is that there’s more going on than perfection versus “are we there yet?”

This inescapable defect is at the heart of duality, judgement and control.

Think about it. In most metaphysical conversations we are asked to love our wholeness while simultaneously working to change that which is out of alignment.

“I love you just the way you are” comes with the unspoken clause “once you figure out how to stay in the vibration of love, prosperity and happiness” which does little to bolster our self-confidence.

Why is nobody talking about how we came to believe that the inescapable makes us faulty? In other words, why is no-one asking where these assumptions come from?

Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

Transformative Leadership: A New Wave of Oneness

Reading Professor Alfonso Montuori’s article on the latest innovative degree from California Institute of Integral Studies – Transformative Leadership M.A. – I can’t help but get excited. Someone is talking about the need for self-awareness and an end to either-or thinking as a means of being an effective change-maker. Woohoo!

Admittedly, there is still a socio-political action being proposed and yet the author concedes that ‘it could be argued that the ultimate goal here is to develop wisdom-in-action.’

Wisdom in action people! That’s not so far from Living Wisdom. In fact, the whole article reeks of a Oneness approach – self-reflection, subjectivity, experiential value, equal and essential appreciation of others, processual identity, and re-organising systems to acknowledge plural approaches.

Divine Daily Impressions, Simply Being

The Art of Translation

Translating New Age concepts and pursuits into the Language of Living Masters begins with a sense of what is spoken into existence. Each word, each phrase, each sentimental prayer breathes life into belief and this belief colours the world like so much magic lifting the fog from your truth.

As your truth is revealed and your experience discovered, a glossary of terms defines you. From this place, you know yourself as either a dutiful philosopher of life’s struggles and rewards (New Age) or an identity ceded to know who you are in this moment (Living Master).

Whether you are a naive and willing subject of a greater plan for both your life and the planet (New Age) or the point of Oneness focused on “how is this serving me?” no matter what (Living Master), the words stain your map of the world with labels that guide each step.

For the New Age proponent, each street is paved with the ink that unfolds ahead pregnant with the promise of life-changing thoughts. This is the world where thoughts and action are one.

For the Living Master, there is nothing outside of this moment. As the point of Oneness, as an expression of All That Is, life is happening for you. Every sensation, idea or interaction is a conversation with the universe urging you to be present as a gift with an important job.

The New Age asks you to align to your most powerful self, the soul awakened purity of “I AM” as a means to be in the vortex with a compassionate frequency of love, prosperity and health.

A Living Master knows all things as sacred and listens only for their part in each moment without the need for blame, shame or control. There is no journey, no need to move toward or clear; no desire for enlightenment or an end to suffering as all things are, in this moment, an embodied conversation with the All That Is.

Neither of these are superior ways of being, for whatever your experience, life is happening for you. You are served by whatever belief and perspective you hold (otherwise it would have stopped being true), so where do you have to stand to know that you are the wisest person in the universe?

I will stand with you as you figure out how to accept yourself as a gift. I cannot teach or heal. That is in the world of exchange where you are less than perfect, where you are broken or unfinished. As a Living Master, you have everything you need and you are here for a reason.

This is a place to know how to feel loved (i) to know it is safe to explore the world and who you are, (ii) to know that you are worthwhile, and (iii) to see your existence as meaningful. All of this without needing to blame, change, improve, fix or ascend beyond the wisdom of this moment.